We believe in customer support and satisfaction. That is why we have provided this list of frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question below, please feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 business hours.

When was ECB formed?

Eastern Carolina Broadband was formed in March 2017 and registered with the NC Secretary of State as a Corporation in April 2017.

Who is Eastern Carolina Broadband?

Eastern Carolina Broadband (ECB) is a locally-based company that is committed to bringing reliable, affordable high-speed internet access to those communities underserved by other service providers. Utilizing a state-of-the-art network of fixed wireless technology, ECB reaches rural areas where the ability to enjoy consistent access to the internet is often unreliable.

How do I sign up for service?

You can call our main office, 252-516-0025, during normal business hours, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, to request a site survey to verify that the currently installed transmitting equipment can indeed reach your location. There is NO cost to the potential customer for this service. You may also request a site survey online

How do I get in touch with ECB?

We can be reached by telephone at 252-516-0025, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our office closes to the public at 5:30 pm.


My current Internet Service Provider charges me sales tax and user fees. Why does ECB say that you will not charge tax or fees?

Wireless transmissions (Think FM Radio or broadcast TV using an antenna) are tax-free by law. You do not pay any tax to listen to the radio or watch TV using a regular antenna. The same goes for wireless internet. There is no tax on any signal transmitted through the air. As for those “Fees”, they are just another way for the other internet providers to secretly charge you more than the quoted price for the service provided. We have NO hidden fees!

Will I have to have a clunky satellite dish attached to my house or in my yard to receive high-speed broadband from ECB?

The typical subscriber antenna is the size of a dinner plate or smaller. For some homes that are at the outer range of service, a 2-foot dish may be needed.

How does wireless broadband work?

Wireless broadband looks a lot like a cell tower system, except that is designed for supplying internet and not cell phone service. The customer will have a small antenna mounted on the side of the house, near the top. This system is optimized to provide internet service, not cell phone service. This link may help:

What will it cost?

ECB initially plans to offer residential Wireless Broadband Internet, starting at $59.00 per month for 25 Mbps service. There will be no taxes or fees added to this price. For a price comparison: The U.S. residential median broadband price was $80 per month during the second quarter of 2017, according to research from Point Topic. The best value was provided by fiber (208 Mbps for $94) and the worst by copper (14 Mbps for $68). Neither of these two options is available in the rural areas we plan to serve.

Can I get phone service using wireless internet?

Yes. You can use phone services such as MagicJack, Vonage, Broadvox, Packet-8, and others. These companies provide an adaptor that just plugs into your home router, and for a nominal monthly fee, you get good to excellent phone service via your internet connection. Most of these services are priced lower than your typical local phone company service, and they are all free of state and local taxes as well as user fees. Saving you up to an additional $15 per month. Check out this link for more information.

Can I stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other video services?

Yes. ECB’s wireless internet service is rated by the FCC as “High Speed”, giving you the ability to stream high definition video to multiple devices at the same time, without lag or buffering and without jittering. However, the connection from the service that provides the video can get overloaded. Even as big as they are, Netflix cannot handle the load if all of its customers tried to use the service at the same time.

How can I find out my current internet speed?

Visit Be aware that this tests not only your “Internet Connection” speed but also the speed of the “Backbone”, or main trunk line that connects your local service provider to the rest of the internet. Speed tests can often be unreliable, implying speeds well below what your local service provider is actually delivering to you. We are currently developing a “speed test” program that can reliably show your true connection speed from your device to our gateway onto the world wide web, also referred to as “the Information Superhighway”. Once the connection leaves our system, we have no control over the speeds available out there. Neither do the big companies like CenturyLink, Spectrum or SuddenLink.

How does fixed wireless differ from satellite internet service?

Satellite internet requires a signal to travel from an orbiting satellite across the atmosphere before arriving at the equipment mounted at your home or business. This delivery system is frequently interrupted by weather problems either locally or miles above the earth and slow signal delivery known as latency. Most satellite companies also have a “data cap” on usage which restricts how much bandwidth you are allowed to use each month. ECB fixed wireless uses clear line-of-sight or point-to-point to deliver our signal from towers located on the ground to equipment located at your location. Our signal does not suffer from weather-related interruptions so we can provide a more reliable, consistent signal with very low latency times. ECB Internet also does not have a data cap so you can enjoy all the internet has to offer without monitoring your usage.

Does ECB offer services for residential and business customers?

Yes. ECB has a variety of speed options tailored to fit the needs of our customers whether they live in town, outside of town or operate a business in the community. ECB’s primary mission is to provide affordable, reliable Internet service to families and businesses who currently have limited choices. In many cases, we will provide service to areas of eastern North Carolina that cannot be served by any other provider.

Why do I have to call ECB to find out if service is available for my home or business?

ECB is committed to providing the best possible online experience for our customers. We recognize that each customer may have unique installation or speed requirements so a short call to our Service Team at ECB will help us start the process to understand how we can meet your needs. To find out more call our office at 252-516-0025.

Does ECB offer faster internet service for businesses?

In many cases, ECB can create a customized installation to suit the needs of your business. Give us a call at 252-516-0025 so we can discuss what options may be available.

What is the difference between business service and residential service?

Businesses of all sizes have different internet needs depending on a number of factors including how they use the internet for their business and how many employees they have. In most cases, a business requires more upload and download speed than a residential customer. ECB will work with businesses of all sizes to determine what solution is best suited to meet the needs of the business.

Is Eastern Carolina Broadband hiring?

Not at this time.

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